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Interior Design Portfolio


Bai is a creative problem-solver who prioritizes people, the environment, and local culture. She strives to harmonize these elements in her designs, blending thoughtfulness, practicality, and visual appeal.

Retail Design Portfolio

My design goal is to create a new shopping experience that highlights the unique character and personalization of products, enabling people to connect with merchandise in a meaningful way. I strive to develop an immersive shopping environment where customers can delight in...

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Break Free in the Harbor

Malls used to be ideal hangout spaces for teenagers. However, under the impact of the internet, big-box stores, and the unpredictable COVID-19, the mall industry is demised on a large scale, and teenagers have limited space to spend their unstructured time...

The Afternoon Tea in the NYC

With the economic independence of modern women, they have more choices to spend their reconstructed time. However, in China, there are still limited spaces catering to the female population. Women cannot find a sense of belonging in society. Therefore, this project is to...


Chinese Cuisine Community

This project aims to provide a culture-oriented cuisine experience for the local community. Tourists can experience the Chinese diet and get involved in producing stunning Chinese dishes here. Teenagers will earn a sense of national pride by participating in the activities...

Senior Living Center

Senior people face more challenges when their age rises, such as a sense of invaluable, physical function degeneration, and disconnection from society. This project aims to maintain senior people's dignity, increase their wellness, and elevate their welfare. In this space, people can...

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The White Cubes

This project aims to build a green resort hotel for commuters to get away from urban society. The architecture design fully respects local nature, merging natural elements with fixtures and furniture. It can relieve people from the high-intensity work pressure. Hence, this resort hotel...

Stone Complex

This project was inspired by a trip to Fujian. When I stood at the top of the hill and looked over the village, the seemingly tiny dwellings were closely connected. The roofs overlapped and staggered as if they were a vast building complex. Therefore, this Fujian Culture Museum was...


Mobile Work Pods

When many employees are squeezed into a large, open office, they can easily be distracted by others. Inspired by sharing economy, this project brings sharing work pods to CBD, creating a private space for employees dealing with personal or group affairs. The highlight of...

To See to Believe?

The project was inspired by an Italian law banning goldfish from being kept in circular tanks, which the government sees as a distortion of the goldfish's worldview. This act triggered a series of reflections on the reality of the world that drove me to this...

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