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Mobile Work Pods

Reform of Industrial Machine

Spring 2019


Project Statement:

When many employees are squeezed into a large, open office, they can easily be distracted by others. Inspired by sharing economy, this project brings sharing work pods to CBD, creating a private space for employees dealing with personal or group affairs. The highlight of the mobile work pods is that people can move horizontally and vertically to unlock fresh city views.


Sharable Basketballs


Sharable Karaoke Booths


Sharable Bicycles


Sharable Chargers


Solution - Sharing Mobile Work Pods

The sharing mobile work pods are transformed from abandoned industrial machines. The pods have three styles: self-work pod (accommodate one person), teamwork pod (accommodate 2 people), and group work pod (accommodate four people).

Self-Work Pod

Self-Work Pod Structure

Self Work Pods.png
Self Work Pods-Work.png

Self-Work Pod Transportation

Teamwork Pod

Teamwork Pod Structure

Team Work Pods.png

Teamwork Pod Daylight Control

Team Work Pods -working.png

Teamwork Pod Transportation

Team Work Pods-Work 2.png

Group Work Pod

Group Work Pod Structure

Group Work Pods.png

How to Use Group Work Pod?

Group Work Pods-work.png

Think Bold!

The mobile work pods can be implemented under various conditions.

Scene 1: Under the Ocean


Scene 2: In the Forest


Scene 3: Against the Skyscrapers

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