Canterbury Court Senior Living Center

INDS 714 - Grad Interior Design Studio II
Spring 2020
Prof. Challie Schafer 
Ge Bai

Site Address

3750 Peachtree Rd NE, Atlanta, GA 30319.

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Part A. Common Area

ICON-common area.png

Project Goals

  1. Remain Independence: Help elderly people to live independently.

  2. The separation walls should facilitate preview.

  3. Cultivate Multiple interests: Encourage residents to engage and participate.

  4. Indoor Exercise: Create a garden-like appearance.

  5. Stimulate Social Interaction: Promote conversation taking place spontaneously.

  6. Encourage Family Gathering: Provide private gathering places.

  7. Create a friendly, comfortable interior.

Concept Statement - Knitting

Knitting represents a process of blending, which represents a wish that people from all over the world will knit into one warm family here. In addition, considering the majority of clients are female, who mostly love knitting at this age, this concept will be welcomed by them.

Concept-Common Area.png

Rendering Plans

It is positive to encourage elderly people to walk. In extreme weather, they may prefer to walk inside. Consequently, providing an asymmetrical pathway can add visual changes to residentials. Also, a diagonal-designed pathway can extend the length of the path. Besides, applying natural colors, textures, and materials with plants can arouse residents' "biophilia" nature. Colorful knitting working as separation walls decorates the spaces, which creates transparency in different degrees by controlling the tightness of threads.


Common Area - Rendering Floor Plan


Common Area - Rendering Ceiling Plan

Part B. Residential Unit

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Client Profile

    Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor are married for 50 yrs. now. They were born and bought up in the northern part of India within a very liberal religious and political environment. Since Mr. Kapoor was a government employee, they had to move to various cities for their job. This exposed them to many different cultures and lifestyles. They decided to move to America after retirement, to be around their kids and see a new country. 

Client Sheet.jpg
ICON-residential unit.png

Project Goals

  1. Children-friendly Setups: Welcome children to visit their grandparents.

  2. Overnight Visitors: Invite visitors to come and stay overnight.

  3. Skilled Nursing Facility: Provide emergency call button etc.

  4. Strengthen Family Relationship: Provide home theatre.

  5. Convenient Circulation: Minimize the distance between two functional spaces.

  6. Memory Care: Provide shadow boxes etc.

  7. Create an accommodating Environment: Provide a spacious kitchen and bathroom.

  8. Provide a barrier-free environment for everyone.

Concept Statement - Interwoven

Mr. and Mrs. Kapoor had moved to many cities and finally immigrated to America so that they experienced various cultures and absorb them perfectly. Interwoven is a combination of differences, which adopts elements from every city they lived in before. The apartment is similar to an old album, recording their past time.

Concept-Residential Unit.png

Rendering Plans

The layout of the residential unit is symmetrical, which creates a stable and peaceful vibe. According to the couples' preference, the apartment will apply wooden furniture, brass and steel materials, and decorate with plants.


Residential Area - Rendering Floor Plan

Artboard 1.png

Residential Area - Rendering Ceiling Plan

Kitchen & Dining Area Design

Dining Room.png

Kitchen & Dining Area FF&E Selection

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Kitchen Area Elevation 2


Dining Area Elevation 1


Kitchen Rendering

Kitchen Rendering

Living Room Design

Living Room.png

Living Room FF&E Selection

Living Room Guide.png

Living Room Elevation Rendering


Living Room Rendering

Master Bedroom Design


Master Bedroom FF&E Selection

Bed Room Guide.png

Elevation Rendering 1

Suite 2.png

Elevation Rendering 2


Master Bedroom Rendering 1


Master Bedroom Rendering 2

Master Bathroom Design


Master Bathroom FF&E Selection

Bath Room Guide.png

Elevation Rendering

Corridor Design

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Corridor FF&E Selection


Elevation Rendering